About us


HSC Hull Steel Construction is an young company specialized in manufacturing various metallic constructions applicable to a wide range of industries.

Our company was established as a consequence of an increased local demand of such structures, correlated with the markets’ need for fast delivery terms, high quality standards and competitive commercial rates.

All of the above is achieved by a proactive team of engineers and skilled workers with extensive technical knowledge and broad experience in the metallic construction sector, organized and coordinated in such way to ensure the most efficient flows of planning, production and delivery at high quality standards.

HSC workshops are geographically located in SE Europe – Galati, Romania, strategically positioned in a highly industrialized area with easy access to raw materials and sub-supplies requested for our activity, as well as logistic solutions for delivery of final products on land, sea or air.


MANUFACTURING WORKS include the following:

  • Cut Parts ( small parts, simple frames, web frames, bulkheads) are being manufactured or preassembled by trimming, rounding, grinding, position welding and welding
  • Tracing is done by our specialists in compliance with the technical documents and quality procedures
  • Bottom panels, double bottom panels, board panels, double board panels, bulkheads forming is being done according to the project detail design and in accordance with the IACS requirements.

ASSEMBLY AND MOUNTING WORKS provided by our company include the following: volume sections, volume sections of extremities, bottom / double bottom sections; board / double board sections, execution of corrugated walls, deck superstructure sections, cargo hatches.